How to Estimate the Cost of Your Move!

At Big Scarlet Moving our simple hourly rate system (we prorate by the minute) allows customers more freedom to control the cost of their move. We can pack, move, unpack and organize everything or quickly move the big stuff…it is completely up to you. Our hourly clock doesn’t begin until we are at your front door and ends as soon as you are satisfied with where everything is at the final location. We do not charge for any stops or breaks throughout the day like a lunch break or fuel stop. You come completely off our clock for those times.

Our 26 foot box trucks hold approximately 1800-2000 square feet of normally furnished living space. That is usually equivalent to an average 3 bedroom home. A COMPLETELY full truck takes approximately 2-3 hours to load and 2-3 hours to unload for a crew of 2 movers. A truck that is not full will take less time. The drive time while the truck is loaded is also on the hourly clock. After performing thousands of moves we have determined these time estimates as our average. Many variables play a part in this time including how well prepared the customer is, access from the truck to your home, more than the average amount of furniture per square foot and difficult special items like pianos, gun safes and pool tables.

Example: A 1500 square foot home (with no unfinished storage areas that are not included in the total square footage) that is averagely furnished would be approximately 3/4 of a full truck. This load would usually take around 1.5-2.5 hours and the unload would take around 1.5-2.5 hours. Unloads typically take a slightly shorter amount of time than the load. If the crew could get this home loaded in 2.5 hours they can probably get it unloaded in around 2 hours. If the travel time between the 2 homes was 10 minutes this would produce a total time of 4.66 hours. Scheduled on a Monday through Thursday at $150.00 per hour this would create an hourly total of $699.00 If scheduled on a Friday through Sunday (additional $10/Hr) it would create a total of $745.60. If both locations were within our local travel area inside the I270 loop our local travel fee of $75 would apply. Outside of the I270 loop the travel fee is calculated by round trip GPS mileage starting and ending at our truck lot.

Again, as in the example above, our hourly clock is prorated to the minute. If the job took less time the total cost would be less, if it took more time it could be more. These numbers are based solely on industry averages.

Tips for Saving Time on Move Day

1.  The number one variable on the total time a move will take is how well the customer is prepared. If everything is well packed into boxes and tubs your move will go much faster as the crew can carry multiple boxes of items compared to loose objects. If you would like to hire a packing crew to save you time and money on move day contact our office and a member of management will assist you.

2.  Proper labeling of boxes and furniture will help our crews determine where each piece is going at the new location.

3.  Big Scarlet Moving also offers furniture assembly and disassembly however if furniture is broken down prior to our arrival you can save time on your hourly clock. *Reminder – Big Scarlet Moving cannot disassemble or reassemble cribs or refrigerators. We can remove TV’s and mounts from the wall however we cannot reinstall them. If you require this service please ask a member of management at time of booking and they can get you in contact with our electrician/home theater technicians.

4.  Staging lighter boxes in central locations close to the entry door can save crew walk time throughout the home on move day.

5.  Make sure access is clear for the truck to get as close as possible to the entry door. (We do not drive on grass) Having clear walkways for the moving crew to navigate the home during move day can speed up load times. We load our trucks in a specific manner to allow for maximum space used. This means we may jump from room to room loading items that fit into specific areas inside our truck as the load progresses. Loading the truck is like a large game of Tetris. And we are masters at it!

6.  Are you downsizing and thinking about selling a few pieces before the move? Sometimes selling a few items before the move can not only make the move itself faster but with our low hourly rates the extra money from the sale could likely pay for the rest of the move.

Remember, these are only suggestions if you are looking for ways to cut the total move time down. If you would like to sit back and relax while we pack, disassemble, move, unpack, reassemble and organize everything in your home we would be happy to help. Feel free to call our office at 380.239.5295 for more information and details about your upcoming move.



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